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Physical & Virtual Permits

Virtual, physical, or a mix of both! You can issue permits in a way that works for YOU. Parkers may log in to our virtual front counter at any time of day or night to purchase permits. All transactions are PCI compliant.

iParq handhelds display the right information so your officers make the right decision. Scan the permit, manually enter the plate or permit barcode, or let the handheld analyze the vehicle for you! From issuance to enforcement, it’s that easy!

Permit Management

Get the line out of your door and onto iParq's robust cloud-based permit platform. Below is a sampling of some of our unique permit management modules designed for municipalities, higher education, and private lots.

  • Hosted online 24/7/365
  • Prequalification and Five Approval Levels
  • Document Verification
  • Carpool
  • Waitlists
  • Daily Passes
  • Proration
  • Automatic Deductions
  • Residential Parking Permits (RPP)

Presale Events

Your iParq-trained staff will use the administrator web interface to set up all of the online event parking pre-sale and reservations for the public to purchase online.

Your organization has complete control over what permits or reservations are offered, how many are available, dates they are valid, price, and more. Simple to use for departments and individuals, this is the tool you need for a complete event solution.

In Lane Events

For pay-in-lane event sales, iParq offers Permit On Demand (POD) to manage event parking. The POD event handheld is equipped with a simple to use event sales module that records transactions, accepts credit card and cash payments, and has the ability to print receipts or pay and display permits on demand.

The administrative functions allow for a clear audit trail of all transactions by cashier, lot, and reporting can even be separated by lane. POD is designed holistically to consider the needs of the parker, the cashier, the auditor, and the administration.


Data is imported to identify any affiliates that your organization may want to grant access or priority to purchase specific parking products based on select criteria. This is typically referred to as “whitelist” or “blacklist” functionality, but we like to call it validation. Available for long term permits, daily passes, and events; this feature will speed up the purchase process and limit passes to verified parkers only.


iParq invented the process of online adjudication and understands that the appeals process is time-consuming and expensive. We have refined the system to help the parker make the “right choice” when deciding whether to pay or appeal.

This means that the system guides the parker with visual cues and readily identifiable evidence to encourage the parker to hit the pay button. This design increases collection rates.

If a customer appeals, all information to make an informed decision is displayed for the hearing officer on one screen. Then a simple push of a button will inform the customer, save it in the record, and activate payment options.


iParq’s system tracks each citation from the moment it’s started on the handheld (or entered for handwritten citations) all the way to adjudication. If a violator doesn't pay on time, the system automatically runs the citation through aging action triggers on your prescribed timetable, which may include DMV processes, notice generation and fulfillment, outside tax return intercepts, collection systems, student accounts, etc. All citation information (activity and history) is available to your staff and parking customers online 24/7/365.


iParq’s scofflaw feature follows your business rules and vehicle code. The module also offers flexibility to enforce compliance and to incorporate educational tools to better serve your parking customers. For example, the Scofflaw Field Alert could instruct the officer to issue a first time warning or initiate a boot/tow.

Scofflaw information is available for queries and reports that are downloadable in convenient export formats and viewable online.

Payment Plans

Built for compliance. iParq’s payment plan module is AB 503 ready for your parkers to request payment plans based on your business rules. Citations will automatically default if a payment is missed. An automated and powerful tool.

All State DMV

iParq automatically coordinates with your DMV and can import registered owner information into the system. iParq’s system can also retrieve place liens, and automatically generate and send custom correspondence.

In addition, iParq is a national strategic partner of the National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System. NLETS links state, local, and federal law enforcement for the purposes of sharing critical information. This alliance allows us to obtain the most recent name and address of the registered vehicle owner nationwide, providing an enforcement program for all 50 states.


Using integrated mailer technology, our in-house fulfillment center ships permits directly to the customer within 1 business day of placing the order online. iParq’s fulfillment center sends over 500,000 pieces of mail per day, providing a high quality, low cost permit fulfillment. This fulfillment service handles returned mail and post mail processing through the iParq system. Whether it's permits, mailers, marketing material, or delinquent notices we’ve got you covered!

Handheld License Plate Recognition

Use License Plate Recognition directly from the iParq enforcement app. Simply click the camera icon and take a photo of the vehicle. Plate, State, Color, and Make will populate directly into the corresponding fields in the app. Handheld LPR will provide your officers a faster, more accurate tool to issue valid citations.

Mobile & Fixed LPR

iParq partners with several LPR partners. Permit and citation data is consistently transferred between iParq and the LPR system for automated flagging of scofflaw and no-permit vehicles. Additionally, electronic chalking can be completed from the iParq handheld or vehicle based LPR. Current integration partners are listed on our homepage here.

Additional real time and scheduled integrations with pay by cell, pay station, SSO, 3rd party collections, ERP systems, and more are available to meet your needs. For our full list of partners please contact us.

Secure Hosting

iParq protects against outside threats with firewalls, private keys, encryption, and multi-factor authentication for further protection. iParq’s historical uptime exceeds 99.9%. It will simply always be on and ready.

All web payments are processed in real time. iParq continuously monitors and maintains PCI compliance on all its servers and systems. To ensure compliance, we utilize Trustwave as an independent resource to provide periodic vulnerability scans on our system. A copy of our current trustwave certificate is available here.

Parking Customer Relationship Management (PCRM)

iParq invented PCRM in 1999. Our software manages all aspects of customer communication, interactions, and maintains relationships with your parkers.

iParq makes sure that you and your customers are always on the same page. We have created state of the art communication tools that automatically communicate with your parkers and display necessary information to your administrators.

Examples of automated PCRM:

  • Permit application display
  • Status change
  • Notification of delinquency
  • Temporary permit email
  • Automated fulfillment
  • Mass email module
  • Customizable inboxes
  • Appeal decision